At Plant Factory, we take pride in offering the finest selection of pesticide-free mushrooms, cultivated with care and precision. Our commitment to freshness extends beyond traditional farming practices, as we harness innovative technology to cultivate a diverse range of mushrooms right at our facility.

From rich shiitake to earthy porcini, delicate white wood ear to unique morel, and flavorful black wood ear to elegant flower shiitake varieties, each mushroom offers a distinct taste and texture to elevate your dishes. 

we not only ensure the highest quality and freshness but also significantly reduce carbon emissions and food miles associated with traditional farming methods. With each bite, you can taste the difference that sustainability and dedication to quality make.

"Mushroom Mastery at Plant Factory"

Coming soon in August

Our mushrooms are a celebration of life and freshness, grown not across continents, but within your reach. This close-knit journey from our hydroponic systems to your plate ensures that when you choose PlantFactory, you choose mushrooms that are not just fresh, but living. They are harvested at their peak, bursting with flavor, nutrients, and vitality, far surpassing the conventional definition of supermarket freshness.