Unlike organic vegetables, which may still use pesticides, our hydroponically grown produce is completely pesticide-free. Not only do we prioritize optimal nutrition and exceptional taste, but we also guarantee that our produce is grown without any harmful chemicals, ensuring your peace of mind and the highest quality for every meal.



Smart Control: Remote AI management 

Modular Design: Suitable for any space 

Versatility: Suitable for any environment 

Fresh All Day: Harvest anytime 

Fast Growing: Easy planting 

Professional Support: Free of charge 

Seeds: Natural growth 

Sustainability: Compliant with ESG standards

Versatile Application

Perfect for domestic kitchens, food service establishments, or retail settings, adapting to unique needs.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Enjoy healthier, more delicious meals.
  • Grow your family's favorite foods.
  • Say goodbye to pricey market herbs.
  • Say no to harmful pesticides.
  • Reduce food miles, making each meal more sustainable.

Food service

  • Enjoy restaurant-quality herbs and vegetables year-round.
  • Experience intense flavor, and vibrant color for delicious, visually stunning dishes.
  • Cultivate rare and exotic foods for a unique culinary experience.
  • Reduce dependence on external suppliers.
  • Escape uncertainty regarding pricing and availability.


  • Thrive abundantly in urban environments.
  • Serve local consumers directly.
  • Minimize reliance on refrigeration.
  • Decrease supply chain risks due to environmental factors.
  • Combat shrinkage effectively.

Quick-Swap Tray System

Facilitates easy and fast harvesting and planting, streamlining your gardening process.

Smart Connectivity

Manage your garden remotely with AI-powered app support, ensuring optimal growth conditions and hassle-free maintenance.