Indoor Hydroponic Garden Growing System - LumiArk

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About the Lavish Patch

Technical Specification

Stylishly designed with four growing levels in a compact footprint, it’s ideal for smaller commercial kitchens and food service environments that will benefit from the stable economics of a steady supply of fresh leafy greens and herbs, in any season.

With brightly lit, lush and abundant greens, your diners will delight in knowing their vegetables are fresh, pesticide free and sustainably grown on site.

Product Name


Product Model


Dimensions (L*W*D)

760*480* 1880mm

Number of planting plates


Planting Layers


Hydroponic packs and product support

All our systems come with complimentary hydroponic packs to help you get started quickly and easily.You can order more packs as needed to suit your growth / harvest cycle.

With any Plant Factory growth system, you’ll have access to free, Australia-based support including:

  • Setup assistance(For systems and the app)
  • Parts for spares or system expansion
  • Cultivation advice
  • Ordering consumables and hydroponic packs
  • Ordering trays of living greens

Our smartphone app and website will offer detailed advice about hydroponics and germination techniques, as well as plant varieties and cultivation tips. Our support center will be AI powered using ChatGPT, so you will be able to ask us anything regarding the management and performance of your hydroponic system.


With the latest in technically advanced LED hydroponic lighting and quiet, low power water pumps, Plant Factory systems are highly energy efficient. The LumiArk products are closed recirculating hydroponic systems that include in-built sensors that make it simple to manage water and nutrient levels. Made from tough, high quality injection moulded polypropylene, system fittings are 100% leak proof.

Advanced technology for efficiency and reliability

Whether you have one Plant Factory or ten, the Plant Factory app gives you total control of lighting, temperature, pump speed and other variables across all your systems from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet via WiFi and Bluetooth. You can also monitor nutrients and water quality and order seeds and consumables from right in the app.

Control from anywhere with the Plant Factory app

LumiArk is a high-capacity commercial grade hydroponic growth system. With a compact footprint, the modern design stylishly conceals working components. It comes flat-packed for convenient delivery and assembly is simple using the detailed instructions provided. No tools are required.

Smart design with simple, tool free assembly

With a footprint about the same as a mid-sized fridge, LumiArk’s four growing levels enable up to 128 plants to be grown simultaneously. Mix germination, seedling and living plants across different levels to achieve maximum growth potential and a consistent supply.

Compact and highly capable