Living Greens

Living is the Ultimate Benchmark in Freshness

“Fresh” has lost its meaning in the food industry. Supermarket “fresh” produce may have been transported thousands of kilometers across the country, or even from another continent. Produce is washed, packed, transported, warehoused, transported again to retail where it may sit for days before being bought, fridged again at home, and finally eaten a day or two later. Living vegetables are shown to be more nutritious and packed full of goodness. The introduction of hydroponic plants further complicates the notion of freshness.

Hydroponic Plants

Hydroponics, a soil-less cultivation method, allows for the growth of crops in nutrient-rich water solutions. While this innovative approach can reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation, it doesn't necessarily address the broader issue of the extended supply chain and the time it takes for produce to reach consumers.

Plant Factory supplies trays of living vegetables which are still live and growing and hydroponic growth systems for anyone to grow their own delicious living produce ready to be picked just before consumption.

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Herbs and vegetables are at their most nutritious when still growing. Vegetables consumed immediately after being picked are packed full of goodness. Our living green philosophy is all about reducing packaging, and food waste and allowing everyone to have on hand their own delicious and living supply of produce that is ready to consume.

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