Delighted to announce, PlantFactory now offers a splendid subscription-based service, delivering vibrant, living plants directly to your doorstep. Explore this green delight and transform your space with our curated selections.

"If you need a tray with a mix of different varieties of vegetables, please email us."

At Plant Factory, we are dedicated to delivering the freshest, living plants directly to your doorstep with our convenient subscription-based service. Our vertical farming approach ensures that you receive the highest quality, sustainably grown plants at a frequency that suits your lifestyle. Below, you will find our subscription policy, designed to provide you with flexibility and convenience.

Subscription Options
Our subscription service offers the following delivery frequencies:

Weekly Deliveries: Ideal for plant enthusiasts who wish to enjoy a constant supply of fresh, living plants.
Monthly Deliveries: Perfect for those who prefer a moderate refreshment of their plant collection, with deliveries once every four weeks.
Subscription Durations

Choose from one of our three subscription plans to best match your needs:

3-Month Plan: A short-term option for those new to plant subscription services or looking for a seasonal refresh.

6-Month Plan: Our mid-range plan, offering a perfect balance between commitment and variety.

12-Month Plan: The best value plan for true plant lovers, providing a year-round supply of fresh foliage.

Cancellations: Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time after three deliveries. You can manage your subscription at

Delivery Information
Deliveries are made according to the selected frequency, starting from the date of your first confirmed order.
In the event of any delivery issues or to modify your delivery address, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible.

How it works?

Quite simply – subscription makes life easier.

Choose your plant

Choose which Plant you want to receive in your subscription shipment in the list below

Select the Quantity

Choose how many trays of plants you want to receive in a single shipment and your default shipping interval

Customize as you go

You can manage your subscription at

We have three fantastic subscription plans

Our Subscription Plan List

Ready to join the revolution?

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our living green

Herbs and vegetables are at their most nutritious when still growing. Vegetables consumed immediately after being picked are packed full of goodness. Our living green philosophy is all about reducing packaging, and food waste and allowing everyone to have on hand their own delicious and living supply of produce that is ready to consume.

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